Valentine’s Day Burlap Treat Bags


The words “elegant” and “burlap” really can be combined to create something wonderful for presenting Valentine’s Day goodies. With only a few days left until Valentine’s Day, I want to share with you a really delightful treat bag that is perfect for the occasion. You can fill this with virtually any goodie from “notes d’amour” to elegant morsels of chocolate, cunning pieces of Valentine’s candy or tiny gifts and trinkets that celebrate love. What’s more, this bag can be made appropriate for virtually any occasion by changing out the colour of the ribbon and the theme of the embellishment to match the event.

Burlap sacs
Satin ribbon
Brooch or pin

(Ebay vintage jewelry is a great source)

4 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Burlap Treat Bags

  1. Can I just say…you are an absolute natural on screen! You have to do more of these videos. You look beautiful and so in our element…you should have your own show!! I love these little bags and I’m definitely going to use these for many occasions in the future!!! Just love them!

  2. Love your videos, Lita. You are indeed a natural on screen – just like talking to you as if I were sitting across the table. The burlap bags are ingenious!

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