Ribbons Untangled

Often the simplest ideas are the best and in this case I have yet to find a better solution. For years I’ve tried a variety of methods to keep my ribbon organized; color coordinated, seasonal or event synchronized … I’ve tried drawers, boxes, baskets, wall devices with long dowels, even boxes that claim to do just that “organize my ribbon” but it inevitably ended up in a tangled mess. Needless to say none were effective enough or easy enough to maintain once organized ….. until this inexpensive approach:

Step 1: purchase a metal five rung pant hanger; it had foam wrapped around the rods that made the rod too thick to hold the ribbon spools so I cut it off.

Step 2: separated the ribbon into seasons i.e. Christmas, spring and then into colors; darkest to lightest.

Step 3: label each metal hanger with some extra closet organizers and there you go!

It’s always neat and easy to use, when the spool is empty remove and replace with a new one.

Lita Lane- Birthday decorations -April 05-13 Photos Mike WakefieldLita Lane- Birthday decorations -April 05-13 Photos Mike Wakefield
_DSC4332Ribbons Untangled

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