Retirement Survival Kit

I wanted to introduce some humor into the occasion as I felt that emotions might lean toward sadness, and creating a “Retirement Survival Kit” afforded the perfect opportunity to add some levity to the situation. I collected all the items listed below and arranged them in a shadow box as a visual, poignant tribute to Terri.

Terri’s Retirement Survival Kit

Kit Kat because it’s time to “take a break”
Heart to remind you to follow yours
Marker because retirement “marks” the beginning of a new journey
Candle to remind you your future looks bright
Money for your retirement fund
Marbles to replace the ones you lost
Key for being a “key” to our success
Bath Salts “to take you away”
Confetti to celebrate the joys of retirement
Seeds for all your dreams to grow
Chalk to “chalk” it all up to a job well done
Mints for a fresh look at retire”mint”
Pillow because you’ve earned your rest

3 thoughts on “Retirement Survival Kit

  1. I love all of the touches, but this is my favourite. It makes me smile! I’m sure it will make her smile every time she does too!!

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