Mirror, Mirror …..

I came across this mirror when dropping off some items at a local thrift shop.  It was a little worse for wear; some chips in the frame and scratches on the mirror rendered it all but useless. As is often the case, I wanted to resurrect it to its former glory, or perhaps better still, create an enhanced version of its previous self.

Keeping with the “Skeleton and Skull” theme that has evolved over the years for our haunted house, I rummaged through the Halloween storage boxes and came up with an accouterment of sinister, hair-raising decorations.

I then hot glued them to the mirror and frame, and spray-painted the entire display in black.

Once it was dry, I added pearls dangling from the skeleton necks, small silver keys to the frame, a silver pocket watch, crystal padlock and a sparkly eye-piece to one socket of the skull.

The effect is creepy ….. Perfect for our All Hallows Eve dining room meal!


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