Valentine Treat Bags

This year my children will give Valentine’s treats to their favourite friends. We printed “Love is sweet” on a decorative label, embellished the label with four crystals and placed it on a bright pink goody bag. We filled the bag with treats and favours, then folded the top over approximately 1”. Using a hole punch, we cut a hole at the top centre of the bag. About ½” below the hole, we cut a ¼” slit with an X-Acto knife. To get the lollipop to stand up, we fed the stick through the hole, and then back through the slit, until the candy portion rested against the hole. Finally, we tied a colour- coordinated ribbon around the lollipop in a bow and placed another crystal at the centre of the bow.

Bright pink paper sacks [11.7 cm x 7.3 cm x 21.9 cm]
Bright pink ribbon [9.5 mm]
Heart-shaped lollipops
Decorative labels
Self-adhesive crystals

Hole punch
Computer and printer

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