Sweet 16 Birthday Soiree – Part 3

Deciding on a venue will largely determine other party ideas to incorporate into the evening to amplify the fun factor for teenagers.  We elected to host our party in a private dining room at our golf club as the children have such fond memories of spending a good part of their childhood there.  The room is intimate, and yet large enough to allow for audio, music, dancing and a special dinner show.

My husband and I agreed that while our guests seated themselves for the dinner service after the initial cocktails and canapés, we would commence with a short welcome speech followed by a musical slideshow of our twins from birth to present day, projected onto two large screens within the room.

The food choices for the dinner service needed to be teenager-friendly. A menu was designed, printed and positioned at each place-setting to make this selection easier. In keeping with the theme, a personalized cookie with the guest’s name waited for them at their seat. As an added bonus, a designed and packaged guest favour embossed with a vintage car and inside a key-chain sporting a picture of a Lamborghini and reading“…I was hoping for a car.”

More to follow …

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