Sweet 16 Birthday Soiree – Part 1

For the twins’ 16th birthday, I approached the celebration with the intention of making fabulous birthday memories for our children.  I invite you to share in my step-by-step preparation over the next few days.

The 16th birthday honors that magical “coming of age” so often commemorated in songs, movies, stories and poetry. Considered one of life’s special milestones, my husband and I thought it worthy of some extra attention and excitement!

When it comes to ideas on celebrating your teen’s 16th birthday, the sky can be the limit. We narrowed the choices to a combined “friends and family” celebration.  As for the guest list, we asked our twins to include a list of friends as well as another list of family members with whom they share a special bond. When we reviewed the lists, we realized we would need a larger venue than our home to host this party.

Two months or so prior to the party date, we sent out a simple digital “Save-the-date” card.

Below is the card that we designed and disseminated through my favourite digital invitation site, Paperless Post. As the age range of our children’s friends is broad and some are not yet driving, we emailed these to the parents as well to alert them of transportation times and directions.

I then got busy with the paper invitation and preparation…..

2 thoughts on “Sweet 16 Birthday Soiree – Part 1

  1. Those kids are so lucky to have the most amazing party planner as a mom! You always blow me away & I am in awe of your style, creativity, vision & the overall special & wonderful feeling you leave your guests with. I’m always so excited to go to one of your parties and I am always SO inspired when I leave! (And always with more than I came with;)

    • Brandee: thank you for such high praise … YOU simply enrich my life. Your friendship brings me such joy and contentment AND your talent and generosity motivates me to be better. No celebration would be complete without you dear friend. Thank you

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