St Patrick’s Day – A Lucky Charm Dinner

You don’t have to be Irish to throw a St Patrick’s Day party!

Did you know that St. Patrick’s Day is one of the largest and most pleasurable celebrations of the year.

A fine start to this celebration begins with adding a drop of green food coloring into a glass of beer, then serving traditional Irish fare.  A few decorating touches on the table, such as those shown on my website, will lend charm to the celebration.  To add entertainment and memories, consider adding a  Blarney Stone so each guest can take a turn kissing it for eloquence and persuasiveness.

This year, our St. Patrick’s Day will include Irish soda bread with Irish stew followed by Nanaimo Bar and Candy Dipped Pretzels.  You can see these also showcased on my website.

During my travels, I came across some four-leaf clover charms with the word “lucky” on them.  In order to share a little bit of Ireland with my guests, I made place cards for each table setting. All that was required was paper stock, glue pen, glitter, scissors, ribbon and creativity.

May good luck be with you
and may your blessings out number
the Shamrocks that grow

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