Princess Birthday Party Guest Favors

Since each guest got small gifts for participating and winning games, guest favours should be inexpensive toys or treats matched to the theme of the party. Favours can be presented in a theme-related bag, box, or pail, with a thank youbirthday tag. The text for the tag could read: “thanks for coming to my party” or “thank you for making my day so special” along with the name of the birthday child. As a gesture of appreciation, the birthday child should hand out favours to guests as they leave the party.

I prepared the guest favours by placing them in a standard brown kraft lunch bag, stamped with a princess castle, tied with a pink ribbon, and labelled with a personalized gift tag for each child. Befitting the royal guests, inside each bag was a pink princess bracelet with a silver crown charm, a princess necklace with the child’s name on a pendant, a pink princess crown soap and colouring book with felt markers.

The table favours included pink, grey and white striped popcorn box filled with pink cotton candy popcorn with a gift tag “thanks for poppin’ in to Livia’s 5th birthday” and a princess crown. Number 5 shaped cookies, in honour of my granddaughter’s fifth birthday, were placed in a small white bags with each child’s name printed on, embellished with the same pink crown used on the invitations and gift tags.

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