Pearls of Wisdom Bracelet

What mother doesn’t like jewellery, especially if it’s been hand crafted with tender, loving care. A small card attached to the bracelet expressing heartfelt sentiment such as “Thanks Mom, for your endless love, support, and pearls of wisdom”.


  • Collapsible Eye Needle 12 mm
  • 12-15 glass pearls
  • 1 yard of 3/8″ ribbon
  • 2 ft. Stretch Magic (SM) cord, .5mm thickness
  • scissors


  1. Thread the Stretch Magic cord through the eye of your needle and knot the ends of the cord together;
  2. Approximately 7 inches from one end of your ribbon tie a loose knot;
  3. Feed the needle with the SM cord through the knot in your ribbon with the SM cord knot on the side next to the 7-inch tail. Pull the cord through the ribbon knot, stopping just before the knot so that the SM cord reaches the ribbon knot;
  4. Tighten the knot in your ribbon, securing the SM cord inside of the ribbon knot;
  5. Thread a pearl onto your needle and slide it down the cord until it is flush with the knot in your ribbon. Wrap the ribbon around the pearl and sew through the ribbon at the point where the ribbon touches the hole on the opposite side of the pearl;
  6. Repeat with each pearl;
  7. Tighten the SM cord so that it is flush with the ribbon against the last pearl in your bracelet.  Knot the cord a couple times to build up the size of the knot so that it is securely fastened;
  8. Holding the tail of the SM cord and the tail of the ribbon together, make a knot. The knot should be flush with the last pearl in your bracelet. When you have completed this step, both ends of your bracelet should look the same. You should have a knot at the start and a knot at the end. Trim the tails of the SM cord.

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