Happy New Year!


I love the fresh start of a new year. It’s like opening the pages of a new book you’ve been hoping to read, or writing the first words on the untouched pages of a newly purchased journal, or opening a beautifully wrapped gift. New Year’s Eve is a day to reflect on the year’s past events and to prepare for the year ahead.

I usually spend New Year’s Day putting away the last of the holiday decorations. Doing this provides my mind with a clean slate to focus on my new resolutions for 2014. I choose resolutions that I know I can achieve and that make me feel successful. They can be anything from spending more time doing a craft I enjoy, eating healthier, reading more, getting more exercise, spending more time with my kids, taking more pleasure in doing nothing.

This year, my resolution is to continue to enjoy the work I put into my website, continue to nurture my family and spend less time on activities that don’t bring me joy.

Happy 2014!

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