Gruesome Goblets

This project is sure to impress and inspire your guests to create their own Gruesome Goblets.

* old mismatched drinking glasses with flat bottoms
* digital Halloween images
* dishwasher-safe Mod Podge gloss
* rubbing alcohol
* small craft bristle brush

1) Design and print the images on an ink jet printer.  Prepare the images in the size to fit the bottom of your glasses; my were 2″ in diameter
2) Clean the surface where the image will be placed with the rubbing alcohol
3) Apply the Mod Podge to the outside bottom of the glass and to the image and place the image face down onto the prepared glass bottom. Let dry for one hour
4) Continue with three more coats, allowing one hour of drying time between coats.

These can be used almost immediate but they won’t be dishwasher safe until the Mod Podge has cured for about four weeks.



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