Fruits Flies – Buzz Off!

Lita Lane-Home Ideas Oct 03 2013  photo Mike WakefieldThis year seems to have been an exceptionally bad year for fruit flies. It could be the long hot summer we’ve had, the mild autumn, who knows all I know is that they are pests; they are so annoying buzzing around while I cook, eat or am enjoying a glass of wine. I have small children, a cat and a dog so I don’t feel a pesticide is an option. I sourced out several natural options on the internet and tried a number of them. This is the only one that worked, it’s easy, safe, inexpensive and quick!

Step 1: place ¾ cup of Apple Cider Vinegar in a glass.
Step 2: add 1-2 tablespoons of Sunlight dish detergent.
Step 3: Full force, straight from the tap add water up to the rim so you gets bubbles – the pesky flies get caught in the bubbles and can’t get out.
Step 4: Walk away and in a few minute you will be amazed how many have met their demise. Within a day you will have drowned a colony. It took me two days to rid our house of these annoying pests.

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