Easter Hyacinth Table Favours

Ahhh, the daffodil, tulip and crocuses are in full bloom… Easter is just a few days away, and it’s time to plan your holiday weekend with family and friends. In addition to a delicious Sunday dinner and an energetic Easter egg hunt, I always look for unique table favours or decorating ideas that add vibrancy and gaiety to the spring holiday.

Here, I have put together table favours for each guest. I searched out these lovely glass jars that have an interesting jute handle, lined the jars in green moss, and planted a hyacinth within. You can place any flower inside that can be transplanted in the garden after the festivities. Hyacinth is my choice; with its intoxicating spring fragrance and early presence in the spring garden, it provides the perfect combination of beauty and availability for Easter festivities.

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