Decorating Your Thanksgiving Table

What celebration dinner is more important than Thanksgiving?

A beautifully adorned table dressed to the “nines” is so important to set the mood and to convey that each guest is important to you. Just how to dress your Thanksgiving table will largely depend on your budget, the time you have to devote to decorating, and how elaborate you want the settings. As an added bonus, you don’t have to look much further than the Internet for inspiration.

This year the theme of our table hearkens back to the rustic simplicity of our forefathers during their Thanksgiving celebrations. To this end, I purchased a roll of burlap to act as my table runner, and rolls of burlap ribbon that I wanted to decorate the dining chairs to unify the theme. On the table runner, I added in script “Thanksgiving” to each end; to each chair I added a burlap band around the back and added, in matching script “Thankful”, topping if off with touches of place cards, guest favours, seasonal napkins, squashes and pumpkins for a look that is easy, elegant and festive.

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