Christmas 2016

img_7787-edited-and-framedDistilling the meaning of Christmas down to its universal truth has never been simple.  However, Oprah managed to encapsulate the holiday quite brilliantly by saying, “Christmas is the time of year when we delight in the joy of giving – offering and receiving love and togetherness in ways we don’t always get to the rest of the year.  The caring we show one another is the greatest gift of all.

Some of us get caught up in trying to create the perfect Christmas for our loved ones.  In retrospect, I believe each and every Christmas for me, has been an ideal one.  Each year leaves me with an indelible memory of the location and circumstances that led to the holiday and forms the stepping stones of my life’s path thus far.  Over the years, I have embraced some old traditions and blissfully create new ones, forever putting my loving touch to each celebration as a promise and a gift for a joyful holiday.

Gifts are just as much a part of the holidays as twinkling lights, glittery baubles and evergreen trees. As our family and circle of friends expand—and age—it becomes a daunting task to search for the perfect treasure for everyone.  I often remind myself that a lovingly prepared home-cooked meal and an evening of entertainment is always a welcome and appreciated gift.  A delicious meal prepared to enjoy among loved ones is something that cannot be purchased and unwrapped, but rather an experience that everyone shares.  As the Grinch character of Dr. Seuss so eloquently states, “What if Christmas…doesn’t come from a store? What if Christmas…perhaps…means a little bit more!


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