Christmas 2013

Deck the halls with festive ornaments to add sparkle and light to your Christmas.

I decorate each main room of our house, setting aside the last week in November to undertake one or two rooms each day so the task isn’t overwhelming.

We planned several holiday brunches and dinners for family and friends during the holidays, so I decided to focus most of the decorating in the foyer, dining room, living room and family room. Only the dining room was decorated with a tree. It’s a beautifully snowy flocked tree about 6’ tall and is impressive without any ornaments. I was inspired by Mother Nature, so I decided on a woodland theme, and this is the final result.

Elaborate tree skirts detract from the beauty of the tree and its decorations, so I place a plain white tablecloth around the base and fluff it up so that it looks like a snow pile. Sometimes I add lights under the tablecloth to give it an extra sparkle.

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