An Elegant Touch to Light Switch Plates

This easy improvement is an effortless way to turn something as functional as a light switch into an elegant and luxurious focal point with just the addition of a picture frame.  I’ll be setting aside time this summer to do this in all the “important” rooms in our house.


  • Light switch plates
  • Picture frames
  • Spray paint
  • Screwdriver


  1. Research and order either online, at loony stores or craft stores. It is relatively easy to find the perfect size frames.  I found these on
  2. Remove the glass and backing from the picture frames so that all you have left is the frame itself.
  3. Spray paint the picture frame to either: match the switch plate colour.  In this case, white, or to match the wall colour.
  4. Centre and mount the frame around the switch plate. I added glue dots on each corner of the underside of the frame to ensure the frame doesn’t shift.

Remember, you want it to be understated without dominating the wall.  Simple elegance is always best!

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