All Over Sugar Scrub

All Over Sugar Scrub

1 kg dark brown sugar
1 cup olive oil
1 vitamin E liquid gel cap
1 teaspoon vanilla extract or essential oil
2 tablespoon liquid honey
1 jar, small spoon and label

In a medium mixing bowl, cut open a vitamin E liquid gel cap and squeeze out the oil. Combine with the olive oil, honey and vanilla extract or essential oil.  When blended, add the brown sugar and mix well.

For all the recipes shared:

If you wish to add some color to your scrub, such as the hand scrub recipe, do this after all ingredients are mixed and at the right consistency. Add one drop of food coloring, then mix thoroughly; continue adding one drop at time until you’ve arrived at the color you wish.

Spoon prepared scrub into small jars, add a label and finish with a small spoon tied to the lid by a slender piece of ribbon or placed along side.  The “All Over Sugar Scrub” is my all time favourite!

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