13th Birthday Album

Advice and Guidance

My twins celebrated their thirteenth birthday recently, that milestone event that marks the transitional period from child to adult. The teen years.  I wanted to impart the significance of the occasion by preparing something memorable and fun to commemorate the occasion.

This memorable project is an “Album of Letters” from special individuals in my children’s lives.  I asked each aunt, uncle, teacher, and friend that they love and respect to write a letter to them, offering encouragement, advice, or guidance as they navigate this new season in their life.

It was incredibly touching to see the caring, wise, and insightful letters that poured in.  I know that at thirteen youngsters have little interest in more advice or guidance. Surprisingly, my children not only listened intently to the few I read aloud on their birthday, but the following day they asked to read the remaining letters.  This album is both a tangible reminder of the love and affection they have supporting them as well as a tool they will carry with them through all the stages that life holds.  I know they will visit and revisit the advice and guidance given as each letter offers some new perspective and unique vision on a life journey.

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